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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Watch 

Buying a watch is an involving process. The watch market has an infinite option to choose from. You have to decide on the best material, frequencies, movements, prices, among other factors.

Settling on the best watch will take you time and in the long run, you might settle for anything. The process is harder for beginners as you are yet to develop a personal style and signature look. 

Here are some of the costly mistakes to avoid when purchasing a watch. 

·         Buying a watch as an investment 

Even though mobile phones and other inventions earlier threatened the watch market, it has grown in recent years. Besides, some of the original timepieces have become limited in the market leading to an increase in price. However, don’t imagine the watch you are buying now will fall into the same fate.

Watches operate like cars and other electronic devices; it’s value declines immediately when you step out of the store. Otherwise, why would one want to buy it more expensive if they can get a new one from the shop at the same price? 

Also, no shop would sell a watch if it is likely to grow in value. Instead, they would hold onto it and sell at a higher value. 

·         Not buying from authorized dealers 

You can buy a luxury watch either from an authorized dealer, a grey marker, or a black market. The black market is not an ideal option given the various risks involved. The grey market has since become more popular due to its lower prices. 

While the grey market offers cost benefits, it fails on all the other aspects. For a brand to partner with a dealer, it must have qualified personnel and the capacity to deliver the best for clients. Purchasing a steel watch from an authorized dealer is the sure way for authenticity. You also get warranties in case of damage or manufacturing defaults. 

·         Buying a watch based on other’s opinion 

A watch is an expensive purchase that you need to have as much information to avoid getting it wrong. It is alright to look for opinions from blogs, books, and friends on the best options in the market. However, the last decision must depend on you.

A watch is a personal item that represents your style, class, and fashion sense. By letting others dictate what you buy, you will be taking on someone else’s style. Before you settle on the watch, understand what exactly you are looking to achieve. Is it the style? Or is it the class? 

Your watch must then align with your needs. Otherwise, you risk spending thousands of dollars on a timepiece you might get bored of within a few days. 

·         Buying a knock-off 

One of the worst mistakes you can ever make with a watch is to purchase a knock-off. The low quality of the illegitimate piece portrays you as a low-quality man with zero standards. Getting duped on the marker is not an excuse to own a decoy of a watch. 

Bottom  Line 

A watch is one of the most costly fashion items. You only want to spend your money on what works best for you. Avoid the above mistakes to ensure you spend your money on what is worth it. 


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