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Top 5 Ways T-Shirt Printers Compete for Your Business

You’ve been wondering about the best places to get custom T-shirts printed in Australia. Well, there certainly is no shortage of options. You are not alone, either. Globally, T-shirt printing is big business. It is worth millions annually. And every one of the companies that does it is competing for your business.

Take Australia’s The Print Bar, for example. How many other custom T-shirt printers are they trying to beat to earn your loyalty? Probably too many to count. As the customer, it is fascinating to step back and see how they all do it.

Here are the top five ways T-shirt printers compete, compiled after a bit of unscientific research:

1. No Minimum Offers

Run a Google search on custom T-shirt printers and you will see a common phrase in the titles and descriptions returned: ‘no minimum’. What does this mean? It means the company doesn’t require a minimum order. You can order a single T-shirt just as easily as 100. This appeals to customers who just want one or two shirts for their own use.

Keep in mind, no minimum offers come at a price. Generally speaking, smaller orders cost more per unit and incur higher shipping charges. Single units cost printers more to make. They have to charge more to earn a profit.

2. Free Shipping

Free shipping is a competitive staple in online retail. It is not just custom T-shirt printers in Australia that offer it. Just about every online retail enterprise dabbles in free shipping at one time or another. Some make it standard policy on every order. Yet shipping isn’t ever truly free. Retailers don’t simply absorb the cost of shipping. Their prices are marked up accordingly.

3. Bulk Pricing

A certain segment of the custom T-shirt market is comprised of customers looking to buy in volume. An employer looking for a couple of hundred T-shirts to give as gifts to employees is a good example. For these types of customers, bulk pricing is incredibly attractive. A customer can save quite a bit on bulk orders.

Note that bulk pricing is not necessarily limited to orders consisting of hundreds of pieces. Some custom T-shirt printers offer better pricing on orders as low as 5 or 10 pieces. Their goal is to attract families, small groups of friends, small businesses, etc.

4. Customer Designs

Some T-shirt printers offer customizations limited to mixing and matching their artwork and slogans. That’s okay, but others compete by allowing customers to create their own designs from scratch. They offer online design tools that are as easy to use as word processors. Most of them offer a catalogue of artwork along with the option of uploading your own.

5. Product Integration

If all of that is not enough, another way that T-shirt printers compete for your business is by offering product integration. In other words, they do not deal exclusively in T-shirts. They also offer products like hats, aprons, bags and backpacks, coffee mugs, etc.

The idea is to encourage customers to have their designs printed on multiple items. Then when it comes time to buy, the order will include a variety of different products. Product integration is essentially a means of up selling. Still, it is good for those customers that may have needs above and beyond T-shirts alone.

Custom T-shirt printing is big business these days. Thanks to printing technology that makes it easier than ever, printers can supply their customers with everything from custom T-shirts to hoodies and jackets. Best of all, they can do it at a fairly reasonable price. That’s the recipe for a successful business enterprise.

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