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Simple Tips for Breaking in New Shoes

If you have just picked up a new pair of sneakers, then you can expect to be spared the usual trials of having to break in a new pair of shoes. But for the majority of other footwear, the breaking-in process is unfortunately an ordeal that has to be undertaken, as necessary to the continued health of your shoes as a cleaning regime or a good shoe deodorizer. Leather shoes are perhaps the most infamous in this department, and most of us are aware of the necessary breaking-in period for that tough and unforgiving material. The truth is, however, that it isn’t just leather. Many different types of shoes need to be slowly broken in, a process that might well entail a period of necessary suffering for your feet.

Perhaps it isn’t actually possible to dispense entirely with the breaking-in period, but did you know that there are in fact a range of very simple tips that can certainly go a long way to making it significantly easier? For some things in the footwear world, you need specific quality products, such as a bottle of ShoeFresh for clearing out those odors or a good polish for keeping those leather loafers in good shape. But for doing something about the grueling breaking-in period, there isn’t actually anything that you need to buy.

Best Tips for Breaking in Shoes

It is true that far from requiring some expensive or innovative product, making the breaking-in period a bit easier is just a matter of acquiring some new habits and following some useful tips.

Identify the Pain Spots

Ok, so this tip will not actually have your shoes broken in any quicker, but it will save your feet a whole of pain. The trick is to identify where blisters and other points of pressure are likely to arise on your feet and then prepare for that accordingly. If you are not sure what parts of your feet to protect before you first venture out, try walking around your home in the new shoes first. It will then soon become apparent.

Wear Chunky Socks

Depending on what type of shoes you are breaking in, this might not be an option (or it could be a major fashion faux pas if you wear socks). Nevertheless, wearing chunky socks is a great way to reduce the pressure on your feet, while still molding the shoes into the right shape. So, for those first couple of outings, consider this option.

Blow Dry the Stiff Parts

This trick works best if you are breaking in leather shoes, something which is likely considering leather is usually the toughest material to adequately break in. If you notice that a certain part of the shoe is applying friction and pressure, then put the shoes on your feet, grab a blow dryer, and apply heat. This will make the leather softer and more flexible. Remember to blow dry at a safe distance and be sure to walk around in your shoes for a while afterwards.

The Ice Trick

If your shoes have one part that is definitely too tight and the blow dry trick has not worked (usually because your shoes aren’t made of leather), then fill a plastic bag with water, insert it into the shoe and place them in the freezer overnight. The water will then expand and stretch out the shoe. They will also be very cool on your feet the next day!

In the end, breaking in new shoes in an unavoidable process. But by practicing these simple tricks, you can at least make it lot easier on your feet.

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