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Mechanical Watch Making Skills, Seiko Presage

 What Is Seiko Presage?

Presage is the dress watch comparable to Prospex: reasonable, tough watches with styles that range from current and restless to exemplary and retro. Seiko discharges restricted edition seiko presage models that part produced in the Grand Seiko studios.

Seiko Presage watches are generally excellent watches. They’re made of excellent materials, for example, veritable cowhide, tempered steel, and hardlex mineral. Besides, they cost between $300 – $2000 making them genuinely moderate.

Seiko Presage Models

It should be noticed that Seiko has significantly more models in their seiko presage arrangement. In all likelihood, they produce more than 40+ models. Nonetheless, most models are just sold in explicit zones of the world or are restricted releases. The following is a rundown of the regular Seiko Presage models that structure the foundation of this arrangement.

  • SRPB41: Stainless steel case and armband.
  • SRBP43: Stainless steel case in the mix with a dark calfskin tie.
  • SRPB46: Rose gold completed, tempered steel case with an earthy colored calfskin lash.
  • SRPB77: Stainless steel case and the equivalent goes for the armband.
  • SSA358: Two-tone, gold-tone, tempered steel case, and metal wristband.
  • SSA359: Stainless steel case with a dark calfskin lash.

Winding Up

Pretty much everyone says that the OG Cocktail (SARB065) is a better choice because it has better materials and a superior movement (at least on paper) and I absolutely adore it, but at the same time I look at the Fuyugeshiki (SARY103) and the Starlight (SARY085) and I’m completely mesmerized by Seiko Presage’s dials.

But people make it seem that the 4RXX movements are just some 7SXX with some extra features like hacking, thus making its presence in a $500+ watch without sapphire ridiculous. If you think about it, everything is overpriced. It boils down to whether or not you think a watch is worth the price.

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