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Lightsaber Buyer’s Guide: What to Get the Star Wars Lover in Your Life

While you devote a part of your life to the Star Wars Franchise, you wouldn’t want to overlook the importance of expanding your assortment of Star Wars lightsabers. You won’t want to let a Star Wars devotee’s family or buddy’s birthday go by without giving them a lightsaber. Correct? If you’re looking for a lightsaber buyer’s guide, this article may be your saving grace.

Considerations When Gifting a Lightsaber

Evaluate the Influence and Perception

When giving a lightsaber as a gift, you must evaluate the image you make and the influence the gift will have on the recipient. Lightsabers are simple to package and give away because of their features. Some lightsabers, for instance, may have blades that may be removed, making wrapping more convenient.

Some individuals like to wrap a wide ribbon over the handle rather than hide it. If you’re thinking about wrapping your gift, there are a few different ways to make it stand out, such as obtaining some Star Wars ornaments on the outer ribbons or even wrapping sheets with a Star Wars design.

Look for Genuineness

You should seek the certification of validity before purchasing a lightsaber. To replicate the fundamental features, how closely does it resemble the classic? If you’ve set your sights on the Luke Skywalker lightsaber or even the darksaber, you’d like to know it’s worth and how important the paperwork is.

When activated, genuine lightsabers should have realistic hilts and blades that produce light in multiple hues. They should also feature ambient sounds like buzzing and crackling whenever they hit an item or another lightsaber.

Keep the Original Box

When giving a lightsaber as a present, it’s important to keep in mind to preserve the original packaging. This is particularly true when the present recipient is the type who collects items and preserves them rather than playing with them.

Taking a lightsaber out of its original box reduces or eliminates the weapon’s value. Never presume that the person you’re gifting will be unconcerned about the reality that you chose a much less hefty goodie bag. For the best effect, the item’s original packaging is just as important as the gift itself.

Top New Lightsabers

Keeper Lightsabers

A keeper lightsaber is a solitary, high-quality aluminum hilt lightsaber suited for Form IV warfare. It also includes a 12-color LED and a 12-watt battery that may run indefinitely. Furthermore, it features authentic clash sounds, similar to those heard when a Jedi and a Sith collide their lightsabers. Your lightsaber’s blade will glow as it collides with your friend’s, giving it a genuine appearance.

Mini DM Lightsaber

This lightsaber has RGB LEDs that can be switched between 12 colors with a single button. Numerous animation features are included in the lightsaber blades, including blaster deflection, flash-on-clash, and lock-up. Furthermore, a 12 Watt battery may quickly charge the lightsaber and last indefinitely.

Bottom Line

Lightsabers come in a range of shapes and sizes. When it comes to gifting your favorite lightsaber, keeping the above elements in mind makes the procedure much easier. This gift will make your particular someone feel cherished, respected, and, most importantly, joyful.

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