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Leather Messenger Bag – All You Need Is Top Grain Leather

Are you planning to purchase a leather messenger bag? If so, you probably already know there many things you must consider. If you want a bag that lasts a long time, you will have to make a significant investment and ensure you make the right decision. When it comes to leather messenger bags, you will decide the type of leather you want, whether you need a luggage strap, and the size of the bag to fit your laptop, among other things. The best bag for you meets all your needs and if you want a more affordable leather bag that you can take with you to places, you may want to invest in a top-grain leather bag.

Top-grain leather is the second-highest quality leather on the market and most messenger bags are made from it. It has a high-quality top skin with imperfections removed. It has a sanded surface and is given a finish coat. And although it is not as durable as full-grain leather, it can protect a bag against stains. Top-grain leather is a workable material and a bit more affordable than its full-grain counterpart. When choosing the right messenger bag for you, here are other considerations to keep in mind:

Whether It can Fit Your Laptop and Other Gear

When you purchase a messenger bag, you want to ensure it can perfectly fit your laptop. Your laptop is an essential device you must carry with you at all times, whether to and from work or when you travel. Keep in mind that a 15-inch messenger bag may not be able to accommodate a 15-inch laptop, so look at the bag’s laptop sleeve dimension. To avoid mistakes here, measure the laptop’s diagonal screen size and check out the leather bag page for the compatible laptop size. Also, make sure to get a bag with a padded laptop compartment for extra protection. In addition, consider other essentials you will be taking with you such as your chargers, files, gym gear, lunch box, and others.

Your Desired Look and Color

Leather messenger bags make a statement. They tell others that you have become more refined.  When choosing a messenger bag look, consider whether you need something business casual, a bag that tells people about your toughness and ruggedness, or a bag that tells others you have arrived professionally.

Moreover, in terms of the look, the bag’s color is an important element to think about. If you want a top grain leather bag, you will often have to choose between different shades of black or brown. Black bags tend to go with everything; however, a lighter brown will let you show off your style.

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