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Know the types and characteristics of coffee beans

Sipping a good coffee at a shop goes a long way and it starts with the coffee beans. For those people that love to drink coffee, having a good sip of the hot coffee cup can be found in those small berries. To have a wonderful cup of coffee every time you make it at your home or buy it at a shop. You might be curious about how the coffee beans are made and to know what types, structures, shapes, and characteristics.

The coffee plant is made from small red berries which you called drupes. It looks like cherries and it has different layers.

  • Exocarp – the skin of the berry
  • Mesocarp – pulp
  • Parchment – the topmost layer of the bean
  • Silverskin – the next layer of the bean

The structure of the drupes is the same while the shape and its color will depend on the type of beans. For such the Robusta structure is round and the Arabica bean is oval. Both beans have a darker color compared to Kopi Luwak kind of beans.

How to harvest a good quality coffee bean?

To harvest berries and it is in its final phase you don’t have to harvest those green berries as it is still unripe. After you harvest the beans you have to submerge them in water to easily separate the pulp from the inside. This will show the coffee beans are still green and small. Once the coffee beans are roasted they will show a brown color and the size will be bigger because of heat.

Types and characteristics of beans

The coffee beans have around 60 species of plants in different places around the world. But only a few can make good quality coffee. The drupes have their own characteristics which rely on the temperature and climate. Those places that have tropical weather have good mass production of coffee beans. That is where the biggest coffee is found; those places are Brazil and Guatemala.

And there are different species of beans; the most used coffee blends are Robusta and Arabica. Eventually, they are also using Kopi Luwak.

The Arabica

Arabica is known to be the most produced coffee around the world. This type of coffee bean has a great quality compared to others. Arabica has this intense smell but it has a sweet and delicate taste. A pure Arabica coffee contains low caffeine and it has an aftertaste that is amusing to the palate.

The Robusta

Robusta beans are stronger and bitter compared to Arabica. When you like to be productive throughout the day you have to use Robusta beans. It is the highest level of caffeine. It will give you a real boost after you drink a cup of coffee using these beans.

The Kopi Luwak

Kopi Luwak is a premium coffee in the world. These beans have a unique quality because of how it is being produced. The beans are actually from the berries which are being eaten and digested by a small animal which is the civet. At first, you might think that it is terrible. But when the coffee is being digested they are producing a sweet, astonishing aroma and chocolatey aftertaste.


The processing of coffee

It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee beans you use for your everyday consumption. The only difference is how it is being processed. But these beans have the best quality to make a good coffee for you to enjoy every morning. And it is better to use dolce gusto coffee machines to have a great impact to make coffees.

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