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How to Plan a Babymoon Vacation – Babies Getaway

If you’re planning a vacation with your baby for the first time, the second or the third time, it can still be very scary. Here, we aren’t even talking about the pandemic, but the fact that traveling with a child or even in pregnancy can be a very different experience. You’re not just spending time and money on the vacation; you also want to come back from the vacation feeling rejuvenated. This can be a little difficult with little babies who need constant attention and care. However, you can make your vacation fun with the right amount of preparation. For example, carrying some of the best travel toys for babies during the trip may be a great idea. Here are some vital things you must have before you start the trip.

  1. Insure your travel

Whether you’re pregnant or travelling with a child, it is very important to check whether your insurance covers you for flight delays and emergency accommodation. You don’t want to be scrambling for basic shelter when you’re tired, with a little baby in your care. Check for interruptions like travel delays, lost baggage, accommodation, and unplanned layovers. Medical insurance is important if you don’t want to pay out of your pocket. Out of all your babymoon vacation ideas, taking care of insurance is the most important.

  1. All- Inclusive Family Vacation

In these covid times, it may be a good idea to book a vacation house that has all your needs in one place. You may not want to book multiple places or haunt different cafes at this time, so it might be a good idea to book one that has all these things. A summer vacation resort, with its own pool parties, a playhouse for children where you can drop them off for adventures of their own and good food, sounds like a dream. Ensure to check with the resort before booking. Some resorts, even though children friendly may not have all the amenities you’re looking for. Do they have babysitting services? Do they cater to toddlers? Do they have doctors in the house for expectant mothers? A babymoon vacation would be safer in a place that has its own doctors.

  1. Medical Safety

Traveling during covid times may not be the safest bet. Ensure you wear a mask at all times and sanitize your hands regularly, especially at airports. If you’re traveling with family, ensure you get them all tested 1 – 3 days before the flight. Get everyone tested 5 –6 days after the flight. Stay at home for 7 days after traveling and 10 days if you’re not getting tested. The risk of pregnant mothers and toddlers catching covid during these times is more, so it may be safer to travel with lesser number of people.

  1. Pack Only Helpful Gear

Traveling with a toddler can be very daunting. You’ll have way more luggage than if it was just you. In addition to this, handling a hyperactive toddler could be a bit too much. Apart from packing essentials, you may need to pack only the best travel toys for babies. These need to be small, compact and engaging for the child. This will also give you some respite.

  1. Hire a guide

One of the best babymoon vacation ideas will be to get a guide to help you around your destination. You’d have your hands full taking care of yourself, so the lesser work you take on yourself the better. Let the guide do most of the ushering and escorting. Ensure that you let the guide know in advance so they are prepared with an itinerary that suits you.

The best gift you could give yourself before the child is on its way is a vacation. Once the child is born, you may not be able to let down your hair for a while. Babymoon vacation ideas are not rare anymore. Earlier it was just easier to stay at home during pregnancies, but now with the services at hand, it’s easier to travel. It just takes a little more preparation. You just have to inform everyone in advance about your special needs and they’d be happy to provide for you. If you’re thinking of traveling with a toddler, the steps are the same, with the inclusion of some of the best travel toys for babies. You’ll thank yourself for your decision.

Whether it’s planning a vacation for yourself or just having a staycation, remember you deserve the best. After all it’s not every day that our lives allow us to travel. While you have the means make the most of the time at hand and enjoy the little getaway with family. Family time every now and then is important too.

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