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Guaranteed Protection with Absolutely No Controversy

There is a product you can easily buy online or at your local department store. This product is a type of personal protective equipment, though not necessarily along the same lines as what you would find factory workers or firefighters wearing. Best of all, you get guaranteed protection with absolutely no controversy.

Are you interested? If so, the only caveat for using this piece of equipment is that you’re wearing shoes. Why? Because this product is a pair of waterproof shoe covers.

Admit it, you thought you were about to read another article promoting face masks as a way to stop the spread of coronavirus. Well, you’ve read enough of those articles over the last year. You are tired of the controversy; you just want it all to end.

This post isn’t going to change the world where coronavirus or face coverings are concerned but it will give you something else to think about. Remember, waterproof shoe covers offer guaranteed protection with absolutely no controversy.

                   What They Are

Perhaps you’re not familiar with shoe covers as personal protective equipment. They are designed to protect your dress shoes or decks from water, dirt, debris, etc. They are made by companies like Salt Lake City’s GC Tech. And again, you can buy them online or at your local department store. Anywhere boots or shoes are sold, you will find shoe covers.

For the record, this post is not referring to the paper booties you find at hospitals and tech company clean rooms. GC Tech waterproof shoe covers illustrate the point perfectly. They are made with a weather resistant, breathable material that keeps water and dirt out. A tough, rubberized sole ensures a firm grip even on wet and snowy pavement.

Try to wear a paper hospital booty out in the snow and it will disintegrate before you take your fifth step. Likewise, you wouldn’t wear a pair of waterproof shoe covers into a hospital operating room. These are two different products for two different purposes.

                   Protect Your Dress Shoes

The whole point of waterproof shoe covers for men and women is shoe protection. The world is a nasty place, full of all kinds of dirt and debris. All that nasty stuff is only exacerbated when it rains or snows. Just walking a few hundred yards down the street in bad weather could suck the life out of your unprotected dress shoes.

Shoe covers offer you the protection you need. Unlike face coverings that may or may not work as advertised, your shoes will stay clean and dry with a good pair of shoe covers. You always arrive at your destination with clean and dry feet.

There is nothing controversial about shoe covers, either. You can wear them without worrying about what other people think of you. They come without virtue signaling or passive aggression. Just make sure that when you wear them in public, you don’t bring either attitude into play.

                   More Than Just Rubbers

One more thing you should know about waterproof shoe covers: they are more than just rubbers. Yes, you can buy thin rubber overshoes that hug your dress shoes tightly. They will do fine for a little while. But because they are so thin, do not expect them to last too long. Also note that this is one product for which you get what you pay for. Go cheap and you will end up with a cheap pair of rubbers that will die too young.

Remember, shoe covers made with a combination of breathable fabric and rubber soles are designed to last. You get the protection you deserve without any controversy.

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