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Don’t know how to select comfortable and practical women slippers? Follow this guide.

The choice of flat sandals for women requires special attention, because their comfort depends on whether the legs will rest at home after a working day. It is important to pay attention to literally everything – the material of the upper and sole, the size, decor and model, even for the season of wearing them.

Choosing indoor shoes is a matter of style and material, and a little more – the right size. Although, the main role in the choice is still played by the purpose, the purpose of use. So, let’s define the criteria.

Materials (edit)

When choosing, it is important to pay attention not only to the material of the upper, but also to the sole. Home shoes are sewn from:

Leather, suede, leatherette. These are very common materials for slippers. These do not allow the leg to sweat in the summer and keep it warm in the winter. Due to the fact that the material breathes, no greenhouse effect is created.

Rubber, foam. The modern choice, because flat sandals for women are well washed, resistant to damage. But nevertheless, it is for the house that they are not the best solution, because they are absolutely not comfortable and not very pleasant to the foot.

Linen, velor, wool, cotton. The best slippers for home if you expect to wash them frequently. You can even do this in a washing machine.

Soft velor or terrycloth. They are very comfortable in that they create absolute comfort and warmth. They are breathable. Such models are great for variable climatic conditions.

Combinations of materials. Most often, sneakers are created from several materials, because different materials are needed for the top and sole.

Other criteria

There are a number of other parameters that you should pay attention to when choosing. The first step is to pay attention to the hygroscopic properties, because this ensures good regulation of the sweating process. The chosen women’s Shoes should be moisture permeable and not cause an unpleasant odor.

Don’t forget what kind of flooring is in the house. For example, laminate and linoleum are quite slippery materials, so it is important to choose an anti-slip, grooved sole for such a floor.

The color scheme is more a matter of taste and personal wishes. Do not forget that dark slippers are more practical, they are not so noticeable traces of exploitation. Light ones belong to “women” and require careful wearing, respectful attitude.

If the product contains rhinestones or other volumetric elements, then it is not recommended to wash them.

Whatever the quality of the slippers, it is worth remembering that they need to be changed regularly for both adults and children. When choosing for children, be sure to take a size with a margin, just not large, so that the child is comfortable in them.

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