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6 Shopping Tips for Comfortable Cat Furniture

We are all aware of the health benefits of owning a pet. And cats are a favorite choice for many.

However, your kitty should feel free to play, hence the need to acquire the right furniture. Why is this critical? It prevents them from scratching furniture and other décor pieces in your home. Luckily, the list of cat trees and condos in the market is endless. They come with a carpeted solid structure and are sturdy for all cat sizes.

Why buy cat furniture?

Cats are territorial creatures and love it when they rule their own space. What’s more? They fancy having a space to retreat to, especially during those anxious moments. Cat furniture comes in handy during such times and will discourage your cat from scraping and ruining your expensive furniture or adventuring in places like beds or tabletops. Nowadays, you can find pet furniture in local pet stores online. There are various online shops stocking cat furniture, and you can always get the best deals.

Here are shopping tips for all cat owners:

  1. Consider the cat behavior

The behavior of your cat determines the right furniture piece. If your kitty loves climbing, choose a simple cat tree rather than a deluxe one. If your pet scratches in your furniture to sharpen its claws, go for a scratching post. It attracts the cat more than the couch.

  1. Furniture stability matters!

You don’t want your cat to fall and incur injuries while climbing. Choose durable furniture pieces; the tree should be stable enough and shouldn’t fall while being used. Buy one with a relatively large base and multiple posts; these are more stable than single post trees.

  1. Think of the material

The furniture material should be comfortable but shouldn’t attract pet hair. This will transfer the hair to your clothes or other furniture in your home. Choose thick-durable fabrics. Examples of excellent materials are sturdy lather and Crypton.

  1. Choose the right pattern& color

Small pattern blocks will conceal dirt and hair on the furniture. If you dislike patterns, choose cat furniture pieces in dark colors; these can be dark brown or black. Also, have your furniture compliment your pet’s color.

  1. Cleaning& Maintenance

Consider the maintenance and whether the parts are machine washable. It’s better if you can detach the cushions and wash them separately. This way, it becomes easier to clean cat dander and dirt without much hassle. Moreover, consider the possibility of using a slipcover and how it will look on your pet furniture.

  1. Price considerations

Cat furniture comes at varied prices, and this is usually determined by the quality of materials and the size. Pick the most suitable sizes, and go for more significant pieces. Also, compare the prices from different sites, and choose one within your budget.

Final thoughts

When shopping for cat furniture, choose items designed with styles and usability. These are ideal for all cat ages. Your kitty will enjoy climbing, and this lifts the mood in the entire home. With high-quality cat furniture, your cat will climb and lounge and still be sure of solid stability.

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