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5 Non-Celebrity Faces That Could Easily Sell Sunglasses

We all know that clothing designers and fashion houses contract with celebrities to pitch their products. It is certainly true in the retail eyewear business. High-end brands contract with models, musicians, and actors to wear their sunglasses out in public. They even develop new lines that utilize celebrity names as brands.

That is all well and good, but celebrities don’t represent mainstream America. They are the aberration in just about every aspect of life. As such, it might be nice if eyewear labels turned to a few non-celebrity faces to sell their products. They could do it if they wanted to. Whether or not America’s love of celebrity could be overcome is another matter.

Here are five non-celebrity faces that could sell sunglasses if they were pitched the right way:

1. Ride-Share Drivers

Ride-share drivers are the epitome of a modern entrepreneurship. Except in California, they are independent contractors running their own small businesses. They spend all day in their cars, ferrying people around town. They are the face of what makes American business so great.

Depicting ride-share drivers in their favorite shades would be awesome. Distributors could utilize ride-share drivers to pitch wholesale sunglasses to retailers. Likewise, retailers could turn around and use those same faces to pitch to their customers.

2. Lawn Care Providers

Do you pay someone to take care of your lawn? If so, you are not alone. Lawn care is a thriving business in our convenience-oriented society. Services are provided by hard-working men and women who spend all day outdoors. Who better to be the face of a new line of sunglasses?

As a distributor of wholesale sunglasses, Olympic Eyewear knows the value of image. They can see the marketing appeal of an image depicting a hard-working lawn care professional sporting a perfect bronze tan and the latest in designer sunglasses.

3. Police Officers

While a small segment of society has nothing better to do than trash our police officers, most of us appreciate the work they do. Being in law-enforcement is a sacrifice. Still, there is no denying the almost celebrity-like image of an officer in full uniform, wearing a pair of stylish aviators. It conjures up images of ChiPS and Hill Street Blues. There is nothing wrong with that.

4. Construction Workers

There is something uniquely blue-collar about your typical construction worker. That blue-collar image is perfect for selling sunglasses. Imagine a retailer or wholesaler putting together an ad campaign featuring a construction worker wearing classic blue jeans, a white tank top, a hardhat, and a pair of shades. Boom! You have instant appeal to anyone whose hands get dirty on the job.

5. Military Personnel

Finally, the faces of average military personnel are perfect for sunglasses. We think of our military men and women as among the toughest people in the world. And if we know anything about selling sunglasses, it is the fact that people latch onto images of toughness and resilience. Create images depicting soldiers dressed in fatigues and sunglasses and you have a winner.

Have you noticed a common thread running through this? All the faces listed represent what celebrity is not: middle America. All five categories represent people like you and me, people who go to work every day, pay our bills, and support our families.

There is nothing wrong with celebrity. We appreciate what celebrities do to entertain us and distract from the realities of life, even if only temporarily. But if you want to sell something to real Americans who know nothing about the celebrity lifestyle, why not use real faces?

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