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Style is interesting! It’s the way of a beautiful image of makeup, clothing, footwear, hairstyles, etc. at a particular place and period. Wearing something good like womens long sleeve tops can make you look breathtaking, gorgeous, and exotic.

But the opposite can happen too! It can also make you look unattractive and gaudy. It can also be unfortunate, and this is how!

Sometimes our outfit may look wrong when its underlying balance gets disturbed. Fashion needs balance, just like our life. If the balance is not taken care of properly, it can grow catastrophic.

To prevent this, you must have awareness of common fashion mistakes that all of us make sometimes.


One of the most important factors while choosing your outfit is knowing your body size. There is an infinite amount of garments for sale in the market. But all of them are made for different body types.

Therefore, if you don’t know your body type, how will you get the best fit from trendy womens blouses.? For instance, body-hugging clothes will not look good on you if your body type is apple-shaped. In this situation, you should go for empire cuts or a-line.

Women make this fashion mistake very often. Therefore, to avoid it, find your body type, and shop for the trendy outfits based on that to enjoy the ultimate stylish appearance!


Everyone Woman loves Jewelry! Beautiful Jewelry can levitate your appearance. A pair of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can make your look perfect and add refined dignity if picked sensibly. But wrong pairings, wrong sizes, and shapes can affect your complete look very badly.

A lot of variations are there that will make you confused while choosing which one to pick! Don’t worry! This issue can be solved.

Before picking one, try to keep the size and shape of your face in your mind. If you have a small face, carrying a huge earring will make everyone notice it more than you. Instead of these big earrings, go with a small one, which matches the frame of your face perfectly.

Don’t underestimate your skin tone when choosing a new one. If you have a warm tone, pure gold will make the perfect match. But with a cooler undertone, rose gold or silver will make the statement.

Sometimes while avoiding these confusions, you will end up escaping the most beautiful item! but don’t do this mistake which almost every woman makes.


After doing hours of work on everything, do you always rush when picking footwear? At the time of choosing footwear, you simply wear whatever you find in your wardrobe, right? If yes, then girl, you should work on this issue!

Your look is not complete without decent footwear. It improves your appearance by adding stateliness and subtleness. But picking up proper footwear is not as easy as it looks particularly when a lot of new captivating choices are available!

You should always give attention to your footwear if you want to avoid fashion mistakes.

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